How does wet peanut peeling machine work ?


How does wet peanut peeling machine work?

Wet peanut peeling machine is a specialized equipment to wet peel the red coat of peanut. It is widely used in the previous peeling process of fried peanut, spiced peanut, peanut protein milk powder, eight-treasure congee, pickled pignut and canned peanut etc. It has a high peeling rate and the peeled peanut will be kept whole, white surface and protein well. The red coat can separate with the peanut automatically when peeling, and it is really efficient and easy to operate.

Please see the video of wet peanut peeling machine how to works: Wet peanut peeling machine

Processing: Put into hot water for 3-5 minutes then peeling. Peeled peanut are used to do salted peanut( peeling--frying--de-oiling--flavoring-cooling). Finish product is very crisp if use this processing to do it. 

How does wet peanut peeling machine work ?

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