Best Quality Peanut Machinery


Yantai Maoyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing co.,ltd Established in 1995 . It is a professional manufacturing company integrated with R&D, professional manufacturing, direct sales and after sales service. We have been focusing on the R&D innovation of frying, roasting, peeling, coating and all kinds of snacks food production line, A decisive role in the development of peanut equipment and nuts equipment industry, has become the industry benchmark enterprise.

We are manufacturing best peanut peeling and roasting machines for our customers.

Yantai Maoyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly supplies DTJ Almond Peeling Machine, almond peeling equipment, almond Wet Peeling equipment, peanut peeling machine processing equipment, peanut butter sesame paste production line and other equipment.

Best Quality Peanut Machinery

Peanut Butter Machines:

We are also manufacturing and selling best quality peanut butter machines. We are manufacturing these machines using quality raw material. The peanut butter machines of Yantai Maoyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can produce high quality and stable peanut butter, granular peanut butter and ordinary peanut butter. At the same time, it can also produce stable and ordinary sesame sauce.

Blanching and Cooling Line:

Blanching and cooling line is made of high-quality stainless steel as raw material and high-quality whole grain products as raw material, which is automatically processed and has a neat and beautiful appearance.

Peanut Frying Machine:

We are producing best quality peanut frying machines for our customers. The peanut frying machine has stainless steel material 304, the low loss, high efficiency and full automatic fryer can raise the temperature in short time, control the temperature automatically, feed and discharge automatically, and it also has a temper protection device.

Peanut Peelers:

There are many types of peanut peelers such as DTJ Almond Peeling Machine, DTJ Broad Bean Peeling Machine, DTJ Chickpea peeling machine and DTJG Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine etc. We are manufacturing many other peanut peelers for our customers.

Peanut Roasters:

We are manufacturing two best types of peanut roasters, batch nut roaster and continues nut roaster.

Batch Nut Roaster is used for drying and baking of granular food with rotary cage, direct action of heat on material, high utilization ratio of heat, strong aroma of roasted products, co-rotation is feeding, reverse is discharging (power failure can be manually discharged), easy to operate.

Continuous Nut Roaster adopts the circulation hot air way to carry on the penetrating roasting, the material thickness and speed could be adjusted, the continuous entry and exit.

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