Characteristics of Chickpea Peeler


Chickpeas Peeling machine  process:

1) Put chickpea into hot water for 20-30 minutes

2) Put the soaked chickpea in the hopper, then the chickpea will enter in the peeling tires through the sieve.

3) The tires twirl to peel the chickpeas and separate the skin from the peeled chickpeas.

The above is Chickpeas Peeling machine process. If you want to know more about chickpea peeler, please read the following:DTJ Chickpea peeling machine

Chickpeas Peeling machine

Characteristics of Chickpea Peeler

DTJ Chickpea peeling machine

1) DTJ Chickpea peeling machine can remove the skin of soybeans/chickpeas off easily and gently like numan hand

2) High peeling rata, high whole kernel rate, no pollution

3) chickpea skin peeling machine can peel bigger almond and chicpeas also

4) Peeled chickpea are used for frying,dufu.

5) High efficient and easy to operate

Effectiveness and Function of Chickpea

Chickpea isoflavone has a great impact on women's health. It is an active plant estrogen. It can delay the senescence of female cells, keep skin elastic, keep skin looking good, breast-filling, reduce bone loss, promote bone formation, reduce blood lipid, and alleviate the comprehensive symptoms of menopause.

Chickpea isoflavones can also prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and promote cancer cell death. Hormonal cancers (such as breast and prostate cancers) can be well prevented and treated. They can balance hormone levels and make consumers less susceptible to premenstrual discomfort and hormone-related problems (such as ovarian cysts).

Chickpea pictures

Characteristics of Chickpea Peeler

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